Support, training and allowances

Allowances and expenses

Every councillor elected to Herefordshire Council is entitled to a basic allowance. This is currently £9,394 a year and is paid monthly. Councillors are entitled to claim for the cost of care for children and other dependents incurred during eligible duties. This is known as the childcare and dependents' carers' scheme which enables councillors with care responsibilities to undertake council duties without incurring additional costs in the care that they provide.

In addition to the basic allowances further allowances may be available to those holding positions of responsibility within the council.

All councillors are also entitled to claim for travel and subsistence for certain approved duties.

View the latest version of the councillors' allowance scheme

IT equipment and support

To enable our councillors to do their work and fulfil their duties IT equipment is provided. Help and support is available to get new councillors started with the equipment and throughout their time at the council.

An objective of the council is to limit the volume of paper we use and the amount of printing we do. Councillors are expected to use their IT equipment to access agendas and papers for council meetings.

Reasonable adjustments

Herefordshire Council is keen to ensure that no one is prevented from standing for election, or carrying out their council responsibilities, because they are disabled or experience difficulties in their day-to-day life due to a physical or mental impairment. Therefore, councillors and candidates are encouraged to request reasonable adjustments, additional support, or assistance when necessary.

Training and support for new councillors

A comprehensive programme of induction sessions has been planned following the elections to guide all new councillors through the basics of being a councillor and how the council functions. Details of the full induction programme and role-specific training that will be undertaken after the elections on 4 May are below:

Development opportunities are available to all councillors during their time on the council and are tailored to meet their needs and those of the local authority. Training and development opportunities may involve a range of complementary learning methods including in-house training, podcasts, workbooks or e-learning. It may also involve attending regional or national conferences or other training events.

In addition, our more experienced councillors have a role to play to help and encourage new councillors. Their knowledge on a wide variety of issues, as well as the practicalities of scrutiny, public speaking and community leadership, is hugely beneficial to both the council and new councillors.

The council employs staff to support and advise councillors. They are also employed to implement the council's policies and to ensure that services run smoothly, efficiently and effectively.

All elected members of the Council will need to sign a Declaration of acceptance of office form.