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Data protection impact assessments

Herefordshire Council ensures that a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is completed for any new project or change in current process which will either involve a new use of personal data or will significantly change the way in which personal data is handled. The function of the DPIA is simply to ensure that data protection risks are properly identified and addressed wherever possible.

Data protection impact assessments are a legal requirement of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). They are designed to ensure that organisational accountability is assured and the security and confidentiality of personal identifiable data is maintained for any new process or change in process that has an impact on the rights of individuals or the processing conditions under GDPR.

We will list on this page a summary of the data protection impact assessments which have been approved in this calendar year. If you require a copy of any of these assessments, please make your request using the Freedom of Information process.

Data protection impact assessments log

System/service area System name Details Project lead Date approved
Children and families. Safeguarding children Otter Voice Notes (Otter.ai) Transfers voice conversations into smart notes that can be reviewed thus reducing the amount of time spent by staff in producing typed notes of visits etc. Use extended for internal supervision notes in April 2019. Business support development manager November 2018 and April 2019
Economy and place. Waste management Increased Residual Capacity (IRC) Survey Questionnaire to be sent to a random selection of households identified as having received increased residual capacity for general rubbish. Aim is to ensure continued compliance with the criteria. Waste operations team leader February 2019
Herefordshire Safeguarding Children and Adult Boards (HSCB and HSAB) Safeguarding audits Review of practice for multi-agency working for safeguarding. Learning and development officer (children and families) March 2019
Economy and place. Energy and active travel team Keep Herefordshire Warm Supplier for referrals for home energy efficiency measures has changed. Marches Sustainable Energy project manager April 2019
Adult and communities. Occupational therapy Just Checking Equipment and monitoring service which can be used in the assessment of individuals who may be placing themselves at risk. Senior Telecare advisor May 2019
People and performance Business World Mobile Mobile app for staff members to record sickness, leave and expenses. Business and corporate application manager July 2019

Economy and Place.
Energy and active travel team

HereBikes Dockless app-based bike share scheme for Herefordshire residents Energy and Active Travel Officer August 2019
Adults and Communities.  Brokerage System E-brokerage system Cloud-based system which will ensure packages are offered and allocated to providers on the Council's agreed/approved frameworks in a secure way Service Manager, Registered Services October 2019
Adults and Communities.  Registered Services CareForIt System allows users to create, edit and manage support plans for each service user. Service Manager, Registered Services October 2019
Economy and Place. Archives Service Epexio Software to manage the collection of archives at HARC Senior Archivist October 2019
Economy and Place. School Transport Flexi Routes Purchase of software to process school transport requires and provide ID badges to riders Tim Pringle October 2019