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Showing planning applications 91 to 100 of 1696 for ward Birch.View results as an RSS feed
Showing planning applications 91 to 100 of 1696 for ward Birch.View results as an RSS feed
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P171538/F Oaklands Caravan Site Llandinabo Herefordshire Proposed change of use of land from a three pitch travellers site to afive pitch travellers site. Construct a new washing facility for use by the site. Planning Permission Pending Appeal (Refused) Wednesday 12 July 2017
P171922/F Treberva Fruit Farm Much Birch Herefordshire Conversion of agricultural workshop to dwellinghouse (For DOC 3 9 & 11see 174819) Planning Permission Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Thursday 13 July 2017
P171856/O Land at Shirley Cottage Pendant Pitch Little Birch Herefordshire Site for erection of 3 bedroom bungalow Outline Determination Made (Refused) Wednesday 12 July 2017
P171841/F Land adjacent to Clifton House, Whistance J C & Son Farm St Weonards Herefordshire Full planning application for the erection of 25 dwellings including access and associated infrastructure Planning Permission Valid (Undecided) Tuesday 13 February 2018
P171722/O Land at The Homelands Orcop Herefordshire HR2 8SD Site for the erection of dwelling Outline Determination Made (Refused) Thursday 22 June 2017
P171869/F The Burnett Farmhouse, The Burnett Farm Orcop Hereford Herefordshire HR2 8SF Application for variation of condition 3 of planning permission (S121709/F). Amend condition 3 to: The dwelling known as The Burnett Farm shall not be sold or leased separately from each other. Planning Permission Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Wednesday 5 July 2017
P171731/RM Park Gates Wormelow Herefordshire Reserved matters following Outline ref 160819 for 3 bed bungalow with garage. Approval of Reserved Matters Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Thursday 22 June 2017
P171748/FH Burn Hayes Lodge Dinedor Hereford Herefordshire HR2 6PG Proposed two storey side extension. Full Householder Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Monday 12 June 2017
P171729/XA2 Land adjacent to Uplands Little Birch Herefordshire Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 2 3 6 7 8 910 and 11 attached to outline planning permission 160476 PP - Approval of details reserved by condition Determination Made (Approved) n/a
P171542/F Homelands Garway Hill Hereford Herefordshire HR2 8RS Demolition and re-build to provide three-bedroomed house on existing plot (For DOC 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 see 173298) Planning Permission Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Friday 9 June 2017