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Application number Site address Description Type Status Comments by
P032057/K Lugwardine, Hagley, The Mousehole Rhystone Lane Lugwardine, Hereford, Hereford HR1 4AW Crown lift 4 mature Yew trees to approximately 4m being mindful of thetree shape, form and location. Lightly clear BT lines by removing approximately 4 small branches rubbing on the cable. Tip back branches growing towards the electric cable to give 2m clearance. Reshape by less than 7% small section of upper crown between Tree 2 & Tree 3 to allow be of individual form. Works to Trees in a Conservation Area Determination Made (Trees in Cons Area Works Can Proceed) Wednesday 13 August 2003
DCC031663/F Lugwardine, Hagley, Land Adjoining The Graveyard O Lugwardine Hereford Change of use from farmland to graveyard Planning Permission Decision Made (Withdrawn) Tuesday 5 August 2003
DCC031637/F Lugwardine, Hagley, Field To The North Of Stalls F Hereford Change of use from agricultural land to village playing field Planning Permission Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Thursday 30 October 2003
DCC031595/F Lugwardine, Hagley, 1 Williams Mead Bartestree Hereford, Herefordshire HR1 4BT Single storey rear extension & side extension, alterations to first floor windows to form balcony Planning Permission Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Wednesday 23 July 2003
DCC031303/F Lugwardine, Hagley, 1 Penelope Cottages Lugwardine Hereford, Herefordshire HR1 4DS Removal of single storey extension and construction of 2-storey extension Planning Permission Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Thursday 3 July 2003
DCC031056/F Lugwardine, Z_Hagley 1998-2003, Hem Cottage Lumber Lane Lugwardine, Hereford HR1 4AQ Timber balcony to first floor bedroom. Planning Permission Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Tuesday 13 May 2003
DCC031036/F Lugwardine, Z_Hagley 1998-2003, 17 Wilcroft Park Bartestree Hereford, Herefordshire HR1 4DG Proposed two storey extension Planning Permission Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Monday 12 May 2003
DCC030891/G Lugwardine, Z_Hagley 1998-2003, Lugwardine Court Lugwardine Hereford, Herefordshire HR1 4AE Removal of 2 section 106 agreements Vary/Discharge Obligation Decision Made (Deemed Withdrawal) Monday 2 February 2004
DCC031025/F Lugwardine, Z_Hagley 1998-2003, Tidnor Cross Cottage Lugwardine Hereford, Herefordshire HR1 4AP Conversion of garage into ground floor flat, extension of existing hardstanding and variation of condition no. 4 on planning permission reference number SC980408PF Planning Permission Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Thursday 8 May 2003
DCC030968/F Lugwardine, Z_Hagley 1998-2003, Lugwardine Primary School Barneby Avenue Bartestree, Hereford, Hereford HR1 4DH Removal of condition no. 6 (The temporary classroom shall be permanently removed from the site and the land returned to its former state within 3 months from the date of the occupation of the classroomextension hereby permitted.) on CE2002/3273/F Planning Permission Determination Made (Council Approved Application) Thursday 1 May 2003