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Application number Site address Description Type Status Comments by
P143706/FH Llangarron, Llangarron, Evington Llangarron Meadow Llangarron Herefordshire HR9 6PA Proposed single storey extensions and replacement garage. Full Householder Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Monday 2 February 2015
P143626/F Llangarron, Llangarron, Land at Alamaya House Llangrove Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire Proposed erection of a two storey dwelling and garage. Planning Permission Determination Made (Refused) Thursday 8 January 2015
P143615/FH Llangarron, Llangarron, Fairlawns Llangrove Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 6EZ Proposed two storey extension to the front and first floor roof extension to the rear. Full Householder Determination Made (Approved) Monday 29 December 2014
P143603/FH Llangarron, Llangarron, Langstone Court Farmhouse Llangarron Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 6NR Proposed new carport Full Householder Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Thursday 1 January 2015
P143533/F Llangarron, Llangarron, Lower Barn at Little Trewen Farm Little Trewen Lane Whitchurch Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire HR9 6ER Application for Prior Approval of Proposed Change of Use of Agricultural Building to a Dwellinghouse (Use Class C3) and for Associated Operational development - conversion of part of barn into single residential dwelling. Planning Permission Determination Made (Withdrawn) Wednesday 24 December 2014
P143429/F Llangarron, Llangarron, Former Garage Llangrove Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire HR9 6ET Proposed minor amendments to house types for plot 1 of planning permission DMS111594/F and plot 3 of planning permission S123251/F Planning Permission Determination Made (Approved with Conditions) Wednesday 24 December 2014
P143415/S Llangarron, Llangarron, Land adjacent U71212 Llangarron Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 6PA Proposed erection of a wooden, mono-pitched roofed shelter and store Agricultural/Forestry Developments Determination Made (Prior Approval Not Required) Wednesday 10 December 2014
P143167/U Llangarron, Llangarron, Beech Barn Llangarron Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire HR9 6PR Certificate of lawfulness for existing use of Beech Barn as single dwelling, separate from Tre Evan House in breach of Condition 9 of Permission DCSE2003/3083/F. Certificate of Lawfulness (CLEUD) Determination Made (Approved) Monday 1 December 2014
P143138/FH Llangarron, Llangarron, Old Shoppe Cottage Llangrove Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire HR9 6EZ Proposed erection of a detached car port and log/trailer store Full Householder Determination Made (Approved) Wednesday 12 November 2014
P143098/CU Llangarron, Llangarron, Tredunnock Farm Llangarron Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire HR9 6PG Application for Prior Approval of a Proposed Change of Use of an Agricultural Building to a Dwellinghouse (Use Class C3) and for Associated Operational Development - change to single residential unit Change of Use Notification Determination Made (Prior Approval Refused) Wednesday 5 November 2014