Neighbourhood areas and plans

You can view neighbourhood areas and the progress of their Neighbourhood Development Plans from this page.

To date there are 110 designated neighbourhood areas and 43 made/adopted Neighbourhood Development Plans in Herefordshire.

The neighbourhood plans in Herefordshire map details which parishes are currently involved in neighbourhood planning in the county and what stage they are at.

Information about what personal information we are required to make public when you make a representation regarding a Neighbourhood Development Plan and/or neighbourhood area and how we will use it and keep it safe is in our privacy notice.

Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) of Neighbourhood Development Plans - Statement in relation to People over Wind and Peter Sweetman v Coillte judgement

Current neighbourhood planning consultations and referendums

Joint neighbourhood areas

Please note some parishes are undertaking a Neighbourhood Development Plan with adjoining parishes and are only listed under one letter in the list. These are:

  • Abbeydore and Bacton, Ewyas Harold Group and Kentchurch is listed under A for Abbeydore
  • Kington, Kington Rural and Lower Harpton and Huntington is listed under K for Kington
  • Little Birch and Aconbury is listed under L for Little Birch
  • Orleton and Richards Castle (Herefordshire) is listed under O for Orleton

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