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The Herefordshire Hoard 

Thanks to a successful fundraising campaign, the Hoard treasure has been brought home to Herefordshire and is now housed at the Hereford Museum Resource and Learning Centre (MRLC). 

A unique gold octagonal finger ring dated to the 9th century with black niello rosette and flower motifs on each of the eight facets. It is decorated with in the Anglo Saxon 'Trewhiddle' style.

Visit the Herefordshire Hoard

Open days will be announced in the press and on social media. Visit the Herefordshire Hoard website to discover more about the story behind this fascinating treasure trove.

The Herefordshire Hoard is an Anglo-Saxon and Viking age hoard buried around 878. The items recovered to date include a gold arm bangle with beast head clasp, a magnificent pendant made from a rock crystal sphere encased within a gold decorative cage, a gold octagonal ring with black inlay, a silver ingot and twenty nine coins mostly of Alfred the Great of Wessex and Ceolwulf II of Mercia.

Collage featuring Viking reenactors, Viking living and Viking wares

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About the Museum Resource and Learning Centre

The Museum Resource and Learning Centre (MRLC) is the central climate-controlled storage facility for the county's museum collection.

Due to a major redevelopment of the Hereford Museum and Art Gallery 2023-2024/5, the museum collections enquiry desk is currently closed, and tours and research visits suspended.

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