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Herefordshire Hoard Roadshow

Come along to one of our community events taking place throughout the county from May to July to find out more about the Herefordshire Hoard, a Viking treasure hoard found near Leominster in 2015

Come and meet costumed reenactors who will be on hand to tell you more about life as a Viking, and take part in hands on activities.  There will also be a pop up display giving more information about the hoard and how you can help bring it home to Herefordshire.

Display of Viking treasures

Ring and armlet from the Herefordshire Hoard on display at the MLRC

Items from the Viking treasure from the British Museum are on display at the Hereford Museum Resource and Learning Centre (MRLC). Discover much more about the treasure from hands-on activities and pop-up displays.

Viewing is also possible at the MRLC from 10.30am to 3.30pm on:

  • Saturday 28 May
  • Monday 30 May
  • Tuesday 31 May
  • Wednesday 22 June
  • Saturday 25 June
  • Wednesday 6 July
  • Saturday 9 July


Present Day Pillaging

Delivered by Tim Hoverd, Herefordshire Council’s archaeological projects manager.

Tim provides insights into the discovery of the hoard, including the investigations by Herefordshire Archaeology Service and West Midlands Police.

Tim also reveals what has happened since those who discovered the hoard were sent to prison for not declaring their find and what may happen in future.

Tickets available from the Black and White House Museum, in person or by calling 01432 260694

Significance of the Herefordshire Hoard

Presentation by Dr Gareth Williams, curator of early medieval coins and Viking collections, British Museum. Gareth discusses the significance of the Herefordshire Hoard. Author of several books on Anglo-Saxon and Viking topics, Gareth is currently working on one on Anglo-Saxon hoards and another on Viking warfare and military organisation. He is an advisor for the new Museum of the Viking Age due to open in Oslo in 2026.

Tickets available from the Black and White House Museum, in person or by calling 01432 260694

Treasure Tales and Hidden Hoards

In this illustrated lecture, Peter Reavill, Herefordshire Archaeology, one of the principle archaeological investigators on the Herefordshire Hoard, explores the crime and explains why treasure is so important to our county’s story. Refreshments are available at each talk, which last about an hour before the speakers take questions from the audience.

Tickets available from the Black and White House Museum, in person or by calling 01432 260694

The Herefordshire Hoard

A unique gold octagonal finger ring dated to the 9th century with black niello rosette and flower motifs on each of the eight facets. It is decorated with in the Anglo Saxon 'Trewhiddle' style.

The Herefordshire Hoard is an Anglo-Saxon and Viking age hoard buried around 878. The items recovered to date include a gold arm bangle with beast head clasp, a magnificent pendant made from a rock crystal sphere encased within a gold decorative cage, a gold octagonal ring with black inlay, a silver ingot and twenty nine coins mostly of Alfred the Great of Wessex and Ceolwulf II of Mercia.

Collage featuring Viking reenactors, Viking living and Viking wares

Visit the Herefordshire Hoard website to discover more about the story behind this fascinating treasure trove - and how you can help bring it home to Herefordshire.

How you can help

If you're as keen as we are to help return the hoard to the county in which it was found, please donate.



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