Previous Herefordshire Honours Recipients

New Year's Honours 2024

  • Philip Chandler MBE for services to the community in Herefordshire.
  • Ellen Somme was MBE for services to vulnerable children.
  • Lyndsey Evans BEM for services to the community in South Wye Herefordshire.
  • Rosemary Webb BEM for services to the community in Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire.
  • Louise Wright BEM for services to business and to the community in Hereford.

The King's Birthday Honours 2023

  • The Lord-Lieutenant of Herefordshire Edward Harley CBE for services to heritage, to charity and to the community in Herefordshire. 
  • Professor Caroline Series CBE for services to mathematics.
  • John Millward OBE for services to animal health and welfare.
  • Rhiannon Davies MBE for services to maternity healthcare.
  • Richard Stanton MBE for services to maternity healthcare.
  • Caroline Handley BEM for services to refugees and to the community in Ledbury.
  • Ernest Langford BEM for services to charity.

New Year's Honours 2023 

  • Mr Thomas Nellist MBE for Voluntary and Charitable Services in Herefordshire.
  • Dr Mike Smith OBE for services to deaf and vulnerable people in Nepal. 
  • Mrs Clare Donegan BEM  for services to Art. 
  • Mr Gavin James BEM for services to the community in Ledbury during Covid19. 
  • Lieutenant Colonel (Rtd) Mark Smith BEM for services to the community in Hereford during Covid19

The Queen's Birthday Honours 2022

  • Mrs Prudence Burch OBE to services to wellbeing and pain managment.
  • Miss Tiffany Langford MBE for public service.
  • Mr Hugo Spowers MBE for services to technology.
  • Mr Mark Sanderson BEM for services to the community in Ross-on-wye.
  • Mrs Betty Webb BEM for services for charitable and voluntary services in Hereford.  

New Year Honour's 2022

  • Mr William Wiggin MP Knighthood for political and public service.
  • Mrs Anthea McIntyre CBE for political and public service.
  • Mr Daniel Pembroke MBE for services to athletics.
  • Cllr Dr Jane Roberts BEM for services to the community in Ross-on-Wye during Covid-19.
  • Mrs Sally Robertson BEM for services to the community in Burghill.

The Queen's Birthday Honour's 2021

  • Mr Justin Thomas Albert OBE for services to the Historic and Natural Environment in Wales.
  • Dr Rachel Elizabeth Bragg OBE for services to Academia and Green Care.
  • Colonel (Rtd) Alison Kay Brown OBE For voluntary service to Veterans.
  • Mr Dominic Anthony Leeds OBE For services to Defence.

New Year Honour's 2021

  • Mr George Hervey-Bathurst MBE for voluntary service to Armed Forces personal and their families.
  • Mr David Owen MBE for services to scouting.
  • Mr Ian Peake MBE for services to education.
  • Mrs Catherine Lindesay BEM for services to the community in Clifford.
  • Mr Hugh Vernon BEM for services to the community in Eardisland.

The Queen's Birthday Honours 2020

  • Mr Adrian Osborn CBE for services to education, the arts and charity.
  • Professor Michael Peake OBE for services to medicine.
  • Mr Thomas Higginson MBE for services to disability cricket.
  • Mr Vince McNally MBE for services to the community in Hereford.
  • Mr Paul Taylor MBE for services to humanitarian support during Covid-19.
  • Mr Robert Thomas MBE for services to the community in Herefordshire during Covid-19.
  • Ms Sonya Cary BEM  for services to the Post Office and the community during Covid-19.

New Year Honours 2020

  • Ms Nina Purcell CBE for services to Consumer Safety.
  • Mr William Richards CBE for services to charity and to the community in Herefordshire.
  • Professor Sophie Gilliat-Ray OBE for services to education and to the Muslim community in the UK.
  • Mrs Joanne Cable MBE for services to military personnel and families.

The Queen's Birthday Honours 2019

  • Mr Martin Lown BEM for services to the Fire Fighters Charity.
  • The Dowager Countess of Darnley, Lord-Lieutenant of Herefordshire CVO for services to the Sovereign.

New Year Honours 2019

  • Ms Gillian Aitken Companion of the Order of the Bath for services to Taxpayers and Social Mobility.
  • Mr Richard Johnson OBE for services to Horse Racing.
  • Mr Alan Stoyel MBE for services to Water Mill Heritage.
  • Mrs Karen Jones BEM for services to the Kingsland Cub Scout Group.
  • Mr Bryan White BEM for services to Sport, Health and Fitness.

The Queen's Birthday Honours 2018

  • Mr Jeremy Blyth OBE for services to UK and EU security.
  • Mr Montagu (Monty) Don OBE for services to Horticulture, Broadcasting and Charity.
  • Mrs Eileen Dilley BEM for services to the Women’s Institute in Herefordshire.
  • Mr Andrew Gilliat BEM for services to the community in Shobdon, Herefordshire.

New Year Honours 2018

  • Mr Peter Kenrick Florence CBE for services to Literature and Charity.
  • Mrs Sarah Revel Guest Albert OBE for services to Literature.
  • Mr Edward Mortimer Harley OBE for services to Heritage.
  • Mrs Wendy Coombey MBE for services to Churches in Herefordshire.
  • Mrs Beverley Elizabeth Hickey MBE for services to Defence.
  • Mr Michael Everard Thornhill MBE for services to the community in Herefordshire.
  • Mr Bryan Stanley Jones BEM for services to Education and Young People.
  • Miss Gillian Doreen Worthing BEM for services to First Aid and Young People.

The Queen's Birthday Honours 2017

  • Mrs Elizabeth Banks CBE for services to Horticulture through the Royal Horticulture Society.
  • Ms Roberta Bolt MBE for services to the NHS.
  • Mr Charles Gething Lewis MBE for services to the Samaritans and the community in Herefordshire.
  • Mr Graham Taylor MBE for services to Forestry.
  • Dr Roger Morgan BEM for voluntary service to the Arts in Herefordshire.

New Year Honours 2017

  • Mrs Sheila Hardwick OBE for services to Forensic Science.
  • Major James Hereford MBE for services to the Rifles Regiment and to the community of Herefordshire.
  • Mr Sascha Kindred OBE CBE for services to Swimming.
  • Mrs Barbara Mitcheson BEM for services to the community in Herefordshire.
  • Mr Glyn Morgan MBE for services to Hereford Cathedral and to the community in Herefordshire.
  • Ms Mary Quinn MBE for services to Education.
  • Professor Fiona Sampson MBE for services to Literature and the Literary Community.
  • Air Vice Marshall Michael Smart, DL OBE for voluntary services to the Armed Forces and the ex-service community.
  • Mrs Eva Thomas BEM for services to the community in Little Hereford.

The Queen's Birthday Honours 2016

  • Mrs Kathleen Watkins BEM for services to the community in Rowlestone.
  • Mr Anthony Larkin OBE for services to Further Education and Disability Sport.
  • General Tim Radford CB, DSO, OBE Companion of the Order of the Bath.         

New Year Honours 2016  

  • Sir Roy Strong CH for services to Culture.
  • Mr Frederick Hanson MBE for services to Children and Families.
  • Mrs Violet Hanson MBE for services to Children and Families.
  • Mr Philip Round MBE for services to Apprenticeships and Skills.
  • Mr Jeremy Wilding MBE for services to Music through the Three Choirs Festival in Herefordshire.

The Queen's Birthday Honours 2015

  • Mrs Rita Langford BEM for services to the community and to charity in Kington.
  • Mrs Marion Percy BEM for services to the community in Colwall.
  • Mrs Irene Phillips BEM for voluntary service to First Aid.
  • Mr Michael Starbuck MBE for services to Defence.
  • Professor David Parker OBE for services to Higher Education.

New Year Honours 2015

  • Mrs Oremi Evans Dame for services to Education.
  • Mr David Benett CBE for services to Social Housing.
  • Mr Henry Cotterell OBE for services to the Rural Community and to Charity.
  • Mr Robert Maskrey OBE for voluntary and charitable services to the Arts and community in Wales and Herefordshire.
  • Mr Bryan Casbourne MBE for services to the community in Wigmore and Hereford.
  • Mrs Catherine Meredith MBE for services to Rural Communities.
  • Mrs Audrey Apperley BEM for services to Children and Young People in Tillington.
  • Mr Donald Collins BEM for services to Community in Worcestershire.
  • Mrs Pamela Smith BEM for services to Education.
  • Mrs Jane Crabtree MBE for services to the Education of people with visual impairment.
  • Mr David Emerson CBE for services to Philanthropy and Charitable Giving.

The Queen's Birthday Honours 2014

  • Mrs Sheenagh Davis MBE for services to Children and Families.
  • Mrs S J Davies BEM for services to Emergency First Aid.
  • Mrs S E Norrington BEM for services to Music for Craswell.

New Year Honours 2014

  • Dr Margaret du Feu OBE for services to Deaf People in Northern Ireland.
  • MrCharles Matthews OBE for services to Technology and Innovation.
  • Mr David Kemp MBE for services to Education.
  • Mr Keith Pratley MBE for services to the Community in Herefordshire.
  • Dr Malcolm Russell MBE for services to Emergency Medicine.
  • Mr Christopher Whitmey MBE for services to the Hereford Diocese including Education in South Wye in Herefordshire.
  • Mr John Gerrish BEM for services to the Community in Dilwyn.

New Year Honours 2013

  • Mr Robert Rogers KCB for Parliamentary and Public Services.
  • Mr John Bothamley CBE for Charitable Services in the UK and Overseas.
  • Ms Tracey Kneale CBE for services to Education.
  • Mr Richard Aird OBE for services to Special Educational Needs.
  • Dr Jonathan Godfrey OBE for services to Education.
  • Mr Paul Newman OBE for services to Voluntary Organisations in the UK.
  • Colonel Stamford Cartwight, TD  MBE for Voluntary Services to the West Midland Reserve For  ces and Cadet Association.
  • Mrs Diane Jones MBE for services to Healthcare.
  • Ms Josie Pearson MBE for services to Athletics.
  • Mr John Bryant BEM for services to the Community in Kingsthorne.
  • Mrs Wendy Price BEM for services to Children, Young People and Families.

The Queen's Birthday Honours 2013

  • Mr Gareth Gwenlan OBE for services to Broadcasting.
  • Mrs Rebecca Wall BEM for services to Communities in Eaton Bishop and Ruckhall.

New Year Honours 2012

  • Mr Andrew Boyle OBE for services to the Transport Industry.
  • Mr Jonathan Browning OBE for Public Service.

The Queens Birthday Honour's 2012

  • Mr David Stevens OBE for services to the Community in Hereford
  • Mrs Patricia Downes BEM for services to the community in Burghill and Tillington.
  • Mrs Sandra Gladwyn BEM for services to the Community in Marden.
  • Mr Richard Hall BEM for services to the Community in Leominster.

New Year Honours 2011

  • Mrs Jean O’Donnell OBE for services to the community in Herefordshire.

The Queen's Birthday Honours 2011

  • Mr Peter Hulme OBE for services to Mental Healthcare.
  • Mr Keith Mowbray OBE for services to the Defence Industry.
  • Mrs Judith Webb MBE for services to Conservation in England and Wales.
  • Dr Karilyn Collins MBE for services to medicine particularly to the promotion of palliative care in East Africa.

New Year Honours 2010

  • Mr Paul Deneen OBE for services to the community in Herefordshire and Worcestershire.
  • Ms Alison McLean OBE for services to Rural Affairs in the West Midlands.
  • Mrs Roberta Heavens MBE for services to the Tourism Industry.
  • Dr Noel Meeke MBE for voluntary service to Herefordshire Waterworks Museum.

The Queen's Birthday Honours 2010

  • Mr Peter Claiden OBE for merly Principal Inspector of Air Accidents, Air Accidents Investigation Branch, Department for Transport.

New Year Honours 2009

  • Mr James Hervey-Bathurst CBE for services to Heritage.
  • Mrs Sascha Kindred OBE for services to Disabled Sport.
  • Mrs Trixie Pulsford MBE for voluntary service to Sport in Herefordshire.
  • Mr Roger Judd MVO for  merly assistant Organist, St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle.
  • Major General Adrian Bradshaw CB Director Special forces for last 3 years now to Germany to command 1st. Armoured Division.

The Queen's Birthday Honours 2009

  • Professor Steven Edwards CBE Lately Chief Executive, Veterinary Laboratories Agency, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
  • Mrs Caroline Anderson MBE for services to the Tourist Industry in the Forest of Dean and the Wye Valley.
  • Miss Nyree Lewis MBE for services to Disability Sport.
  • Mrs Lynn Stokes MBE for services to the Community in Herefordshire.
  • Mr Brian Williams MBE for voluntary service to Hereford Police Male Voice Choir.