General fostering

A child might come into care because of an illness, accident or a serious incident at home. Whatever the reasons, our teams will be working with the family to resolve the issues so that the child can return home as soon as possible.

Some children are unable to return to their families. They will require a stable, long term fostering placement until they reach the age of 18 or beyond.

Brothers and sisters

Wherever possible siblings are placed together. For many foster children, the relationship with their brothers and sisters is what they value most when separated from their family and staying together is very important.

Unaccompanied asylum seeking children

Children coming into the UK to seek asylum, who are without their families, are looked after by foster carers. We need carers who can help these children find the stability and safety they deserve.

Disabled children

We need carers with experience of caring for children with physical or learning difficulties and other additional needs.

Parent and child

We are looking for carers who can provide accommodation and support to new parents and their babies, particularly teenage mums.

Emergency placement

We need foster carers who have an interest in and an understanding of children from other cultures, and can provide short periods of care until plans are made for their future. We also need places for children that need somewhere safe to stay for a few nights.

Older children

We are looking for carers who can foster teenagers, who can inspire and provide them with an environment to develop independent living skills and help them build a positive future.

Specialist schemes

Before you apply to foster, think about what might suit your family, and what skills and child care experience you have - you may be able to be part of one of our specialist schemes:

How to apply and the fostering approval process