Are you staying with someone who isn't a close member of your family?

What can I expect my private foster carers to do for me?

The person you are staying with or private foster carer should help make sure that you:

  • Go to school and do your homework
  • Eat healthy meals
  • Have warm clothes to wear
  • Go to the dentist or doctor when you need to
  • Keep in touch with your family and
  • Help you to do things that you enjoy like sports, dancing or other hobbies

What will my family do for me?

Your family are still legally responsible for you and should stay in contact with you. They have to give permission for certain things to happen:

  • Changing school
  • Going on holiday
  • Having routine medical treatment
  • Moving to another family

What should I do if I think I'm being privately fostered?

You need to tell someone you trust, maybe a teacher at school, and they will help you let the council know. You could also call us on 01432 260800 or email

The law says that the council must make sure that every child is safe and well looked after, so they will ask a social worker to come and visit you where you live and check that everything is okay. They should make their first visit within a week and should then come and visit and talk to you on your own every six weeks for the first year. After that time they may visit less often if everything is okay. They should come and see you if you ask them to.

What can I do if I'm unhappy about things?

Most young people who are privately fostered are happy with where they live, but they have told us that they like to have a social worker's contact number in case they want to ask for help. If there's anything that you are not happy about, it is very important that you tell an adult that you trust, such as a relative, teacher or social worker or you can contact us. If you want some help to say what you think, or you want to complain, then you can contact Herefordshire's Children's Rights and Advocacy Service. The service is called "Hear Me" and is confidential and independent. You can email them at or telephone 01432 383113.

Private fostering contact details

Telephone: 01432 260800

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