Supporting Families

The Supporting Families Programme in Herefordshire aims to make life better for some of the county's most vulnerable families and communities.

Though based on the national Supporting Families programme, this is very much a local initiative which, over the last 5 years, has assisted over 1,200 Herefordshire families with complex or pressing needs.

Do you know an eligible family?

To be eligible for the programme, families must meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • Be involved in criminal or anti-social behaviour
  • Have children who are not going to school regularly
  • Have children in need of support or help
  • Be at potential risk of financial exclusion because of unemployment or where young people are risk of worklessness
  • Are affected by domestic violence or abuse
  • Include parents and children with health problems

How we share data

To provide the best support possible, we may share personal information about families between council departments as well as relevant partners and agencies. This is done only as necessary and in a way that is proportionate and lawful. Learn more about our data privacy policies.

To find out more about Supporting Families in Herefordshire, email Robert Ralph at or Sandra Lloyd at