How you receive help with your rent

If you are a new private tenant, we will pay your Housing Benefit every two weeks or every four weeks for the period that has just passed.

View our rent payments guide for 2021/22

Payments in April

Your payments in April may be different depending on how often you're paid.

Housing Benefits payments guide April 2021

Payments over bank holidays

In cases where you are expected to receive your payment on a bank holiday, you will receive the payment early.

View our guidance for Housing Benefit payment dates over bank holidays 2021/22

Local Housing Allowance

If you rent from a private landlord and you are making a new claim for Housing Benefit, we will work out your Housing Benefit using Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rules. LHA has rates set for each year for different size properties by The Rent Service. The rate you are entitled to is based on the number of people who live with you and their ages. LHA is the most you can receive. You may receive less depending on your income, savings and circumstances.

Local Housing Allowance rates 2021/22

Area Shared accommodation rate 1 bedroom rate 2 bedroom rate 3 bedroom rate 4 bedroom rate
Herefordshire £77.55 £97.81 £126.58 £156.49 £205.97
Worcester North £66.50 £101.26 £126.72 £149.59 £195.62
Worcester South £84.27 £115.07 £143.84 £172.60 £218.63
Gloucester £78.59 £103.56 £138.08 £172.60 £218.63
Shropshire £75.00 £92.05 £120.82 £143.84 £182.96
Brecon and Radnor £52.50 £71.86 £98.96 £115.07 £138.08
Monmouthshire £75.95 £95.57 £126.58 £149.59 £179.74

You can also view the LHA rates at Hereford customer service centre.

Registered social landlord or housing associations

If you rent a property from a registered social landlord (usually a housing association), please ask them if they are part of the government scheme for checking documents relating to your claim. If they are, you will be able to take your documents to them to support your claim instead of bringing them to us or sending them to our Housing Benefits office.