What matters to you in your local area? Is it making sure people with dementia get the help and care they need, or wanting good quality local jobs and houses?

You could be the person to make a difference by becoming a Herefordshire councillor.

Herefordshire Council has 53 ward councillors, and the 133 parish councils have over 1,000 parish councillors. These councils can only be as effective, relevant and vibrant as the people elected to run them. Herefordshire needs ward and parish councillors who are capable, energetic and engaged, with a commitment to local people and a passion for change.

Perhaps you are already involved in local affairs and want to take the next step. Or you may be looking for a worthwhile and rewarding way to help your local community. No matter what your motivation, the council will benefit from having a diverse group of councillors who bring different perspectives and life experience to the role.

Being an effective councillor is rewarding but requires both commitment and hard work. Councillors have to balance the needs and interests of residents, the political party they represent (if any) and the council. These will all make legitimate demands on a councillor's time, on top of the demands and needs of their personal and professional lives. Before you consider becoming a councillor you may want to discuss it with your family and friends to make sure they understand what you are taking on. You will need their support as you may be spending a lot of your spare time on council business.