Parking accounts and parking spaces

Parking accounts and parking spaces form part of Herefordshire Council's commitment to publishing under the Local Government Transparency Code.

The Code makes it mandatory for local authorities to publish these details annually.

Parking accounts information

The parking account includes income from and expenditure on designated parking places, (including off road) and parking contraventions related to parking places and other parking matters. This information is provided in the civil parking enforcement annual report.

View parking accounts information for the financial year 2021/22

Designated parking spaces information

Local authorities with parking enforcement powers must publish the number of parking spaces which includes marked out controlled on and off street parking spaces within the area, or an estimate of the number of spaces where controlled parking space is not marked out in individual parking bays or spaces.

Off road car park parking spaces (car parks)
Hereford 2632
Kington 99
Ledbury 312
Leominster 575
Ross-on-Wye 787
Total 4405
Estimated number of controlled on-street parking spaces (generally by limited waiting) 1600

The use of surplus funds

The use of any surplus funds is governed by Section 55 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended by Section 95 of the Traffic Management Act 2004, this states that any surplus in parking revenue accounts, after the cost of running the schemes has been covered can be spent on:

  • Providing additional parking facilities
  • Public transport schemes
  • Highway improvements
  • Road maintenance
  • Environmental improvements

Income that the council receives from car parking does not have to be 'ring-fenced' for spending in the areas detailed above. The surplus in 2021/22 contributed towards highways and transport services costs.