Working together

To help us achieve the best service possible and use the resources at our disposal to greatest effect we want to work with customers to solve queries. To do that we need co-operation from people accessing services, therefore:

  • We ask you to consider if a query can be resolved online before phoning or visiting us
  • We understand that sometimes it is not possible to attend an appointment and if that is the case this should be cancelled 24 hours before the appointment. If there is a non-attendance without cancelling it will be considered the support is no longer needed and we will not automatically rearrange the appointment
  • The council will give at least two weeks’ notice of change of opening or contact hours. We will only make emergency closures in exceptional circumstances (for example, emergency incidents, safety for staff and customers)
  • We ask you to think about the impact of your behaviour on others. If you are at all aggressive or intimidating you will be asked to modify your behaviour, but if it continues we will cease contact and implement the unreasonable behaviour policy. This includes threatening behaviour (in person, on the phone, email or social media) which could consequently involve the police