Our approach

We intend to work with people who use Herefordshire Council services in the following ways. We will:

  • Treat people with dignity and respect, and expect the same consideration in return
  • Respect people's privacy and confidentiality and give every consideration to managing people’s data
  • Listen and respond to concerns, and act to resolve queries where we can and have the powers to do so
  • Prioritise our resources to deal with areas of high risk, specifically danger to the public and where the most vulnerable in the community may be affected
  • Provide an interpreting service for customers who do not speak English or where English is not sufficient
  • Design services so that they are accessible by all, whether unassisted or through assisted technologies and ensure reasonable adjustments are made where needed, including providing information in alternative formats on request (for example large print and Braille)
  • Welcome feedback to make sure the council are offering the best service possible with the resources available