Data protection impact assessments

Herefordshire Council ensures that a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is completed for any new project or change in current process which will either involve a new use of personal data or will significantly change the way in which personal data is handled. The function of the DPIA is simply to ensure that data protection risks are properly identified and addressed wherever possible.

Data protection impact assessments are a legal requirement of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). They are designed to ensure that organisational accountability is assured and the security and confidentiality of personal identifiable data is maintained for any new process or change in process that has an impact on the rights of individuals or the processing conditions under GDPR.

We will list on this page a summary of the data protection impact assessments which have been approved in this calendar year. If you require a copy of any of these assessments, please make your request using the Freedom of Information process.

Data protection impact assessments log

System/service area System       
Corporate support. Information governance Intandem Replacement file tracking software for the Modern Records Unit Information governance manager February 2020
Corporate Services NS Test and Trace to collect service users details as required by government test and trace program Museum, Libraries and Archives Manager July 2020
Adults and Communities Meals Outreach to provide meals to the community using the Hillside kitchen Project Manager October 2020
Hoople Social Work Apprenticeships to tender for an apprenticeship provider for student social workers IT Training Officer October 2020
Adults and Communities Managed Accounts - Direct Payments The transfer of managed accounts to the online payment cards provided by PrePaid Financial Services (PFS Commissioning Officer November 2020
Adults and Communities Amica 24 Lone working app for AMHP's with out of hours monitoring service AMHP LPS and EDT Service Manager December 2020
People and Performance Mosaic Group Working Implementation of group working within Mosaic.  Systems Development Project Officer December 2020
Adults and Communities DRIVE Program Domestic abuse perpetrator referral scheme

Senior Commissioning Officer

January 2021
Children and Families Welfare Call Software to manage the EPEP and school attendance process Children's Commissioning and Contracts Lead January 2021
Adults and Communities Community Wellbeing Survey The completion of a wellbeing survey using and external consultancy agency Senior Commissioning Officer January 2021
Economy and Place.  Regulatory Environment Green Space Enhancement Project Supporting implementation of free trees project, a Government grant initiative. Senior Project Manager - Capital February 2021