Manage your Council Tax Reduction claim online

Registering to view your Council Tax Reduction claim online is a really good and efficient way of keeping track of your claim to ensure that the correct information is held, meaning you can continue to get the reduction you're entitled to.

This will benefit you in ways such as being able to access your claim 24/7, not needing to wait for office hours to get an answer to any queries you have and much more.

As an existing claimant, currently in receipt of Council Tax Reduction, you can register and view information we hold about your claim, including the following:

  • Detailed breakdowns of your awards
  • A breakdown of your household income, including earnings, as we have it on our records
  • A breakdown of your Council Tax liability
  • Any correspondence we have sent you

You can also subscribe to receive your Council Tax Reduction letters electronically. Whenever there is a new letter regarding your claim, you will receive an email with a link so that you can view it straightaway.

Registering will also allow you to gain access to manage your Council Tax account.

Register for an online account to manage your Council Tax Reduction