Apply for a Tree Preservation Order

The 1990 Town and Country Planning Act places a duty on local planning authorities to make TPOs to preserve trees or woodlands in their area. We regularly make new orders to protect trees and we have a standard tree evaluation system to assess them. This assessment takes account of:

  • Landscape importance and visibility
  • Aesthetic value
  • Intrinsic beauty
  • Relation to setting
  • The condition and form of the tree

The government advises local planning authorities to keep their TPOs under review in order to ensure they are accurate, relevant and defensible. We are, therefore, in the continual and long-term process of carrying out a review of our TPOs.

Please provide the conservation team with details of the tree, trees or woodland, and their location, stating why they are of value to the public and why they are considered to be at risk. The contact details are:

We will assess the information, however, although a tree(s) may merit protection on amenity grounds, it is not always fitting to make a Tree Preservation Order where they are under good arboricultural management and not at risk of being cut down.