We have committed, in our County Plan, to:

  • Protect and enhance the county’s biodiversity, value nature and uphold environmental standards

As part of our response to the Climate and Ecological Emergency and our 2022-2023 Delivery Plan, we have also made a capital investment of £250,000 to support highways biodiversity net gain across public open spaces.

Enhancing and protecting biodiversity means looking after what we have now and providing the right environment for wildlife and plants to flourish in the future.

One big opportunity to do this is in the way we manage our public green spaces, and the verges alongside our roads throughout the county.

The green spaces and hedgerows alongside our travel network are wildlife corridors too.

They provide:

  • Habitats for wildflowers and grasses, which provide food for insects
  • Homes to wildlife
  • Hedgerow shrubs and trees, which provide nesting and food for birds
  • Safe links for mammals moving across their area

The projects in this section have been used to make biodiversity improvements and build on the natural heritage available to us in Herefordshire. They will also help educate and promote awareness of how we can all join in to help protect the biodiversity of spaces we are responsible for.

In doing so we will be helping to protect Herefordshire's natural resources and make it a county people want to visit and invest in.

You can help support biodiversity in Herefordshire. Find out more through our biodiversity projects or at Herefordshire Biological Records Centre, Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, Herefordshire Meadows, and Buglife.