Hedgehog conservation

Hedgehogs are an iconic species in the UK whose numbers are in decline. Since 2020, they have been listed as a species 'vulnerable' to extinction on the first red list of British mammals published by the Mammal Society. Their population decline is attributed to many different causes, making it difficult to address.

What we are doing to help hedgehogs

We are supporting hedgehogs to help boost their numbers, as part of a wider scheme to provide biodiversity enhancement within the county.

We've provided 100 hedgehog habitats to primary schools, community and child centres. These homes are made from recycled materials. They provide hedgehogs with a safe space to hibernate and raise young, as well as an escape from predators, helping to increase their numbers. There's also a set of illustrated educational hedgehog activities to support learning about how hedgehogs live and how to encourage them to use this new home.

Things you can do to help

  • HedgerowsWatercolour illustration of hedgerow with bird sitting on top
    Avoid removing hedgerows, and if you can, plant more hedgerows. Habitat fragmentation is one of the biggest reasons for population decline of many species. Retaining hedgerows and planting more not only helps hedgehogs but a variety of other species. (After all it’s all in their name ‘Hedge… Hogs!’)
  • Watercolour illustration of garden hedge against a fenceHedgehog highways
    Make it easier for hedgehogs to travel about their area. All it takes is a small 13 cm by 13 cm hole cut in fences, which allows hedgehogs to safely move through gardens, helping them connect with other hedgehogs and wildlife.


  • Cheeky looking hedgehog sitting on top of new hedgehog houseHabitat
    Create a hedgehog friendly habitat or provide a home for hedgehogs in your garden.


  • Education
    Print out and complete our activities. Learn new skills and gain more information about Watercolour illustration of hedgehog with glasses and cardigan, waving stick, possibly conductinghedgehogs and how you can help them.


Educational activities for schools and individuals

Our set of illustrated educational hedgehog activities is suitable for ages 3-12+. The activities can be used in schools or at home to find out more about hedgehogs and ways to build and maintain a habitat which will encourage and protect them.

There are more than 25 activities across a range of subjects. Choose the ones that interest you and download them below.

  • Obstacle game - indoor or outdoor activity that can be used to help children think about where to best place a hedgehog home.
  • Get to Know Spike - the hedgehog lifecycle and hedgehog body parts, labelling alongside writing activities.
  • Spike's New Home - instructions for how to take care of your hedgehog box.

Spread the word

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