Citizens' Assembly

A citizens' assembly brings together a randomly selected group of people who broadly represent the entire community. The people who attend learn about issues, discuss them with one another, and then make recommendations about what should happen and how things should change.

Herefordshire Citizens' Climate Assembly

In January 2022, the Herefordshire Citizens' Climate Assembly will meet to discuss:

'How should Herefordshire meet the challenges of climate change?'

The people taking part will be chosen from 14,400 households invited to register their interest. From those, 48 people will be selected by an independent organisation called The Sortition Foundation, who will make sure the final group represent the diversity of Herefordshire's population.

The assembly will hear from expert speakers, discuss the issues involved and decide what steps should be taken. Recommendations will be used to influence council policy and spending priorities to help Herefordshire become a zero-carbon, nature rich county by 2030.

Who is running the Citizens' Climate Assembly?

We have asked Impact Consultancy & Research to establish and run the Citizens' Climate Assembly supported by Sortition and The Involve Foundation (known as Involve) who are the local government experts in this field.

Impact Consultancy undertakes research, evaluation and consultation helping organisations to re-think, develop and improve what they do and how they do it.

The Sortition Foundation promotes the use of stratified, random selection in decision-making. It is responsible for recruiting and randomly selecting people to take part in this assembly, in a way that is broadly representative of Herefordshire's population.

How were households selected to receive the invitation?

Invitations to participate in the Citizens' Climate Assembly have been sent to 14,400 addresses in Herefordshire that were randomly selected from the Royal Mail address database.

What will happen after the event?

Recommendations from the assembly will be used to influence council policy and spending priorities to help Herefordshire become a zero carbon, nature-rich county by 2030.