Convert your civil partnership

You can convert your civil partnership to marriage either in a simple one stage procedure or a two stage procedure where the conversion into marriage is followed by a ceremony. The marriage will be treated as if it had existed from the day the civil partnership was formed so you will not lose any of the rights or entitlements you have accrued from being in a civil partnership.

Standard (one stage) procedure - without ceremony

  • You will need to make an appointment at the register office to see the superintendent registrar
  • You will need to provide evidence of name, date of birth, address and your civil partnership certificate
  • The conversion then takes place when you sign a declaration to confirm that you have not dissolved your civil partnership and that you both wish to convert your civil partnership to a marriage
  • The declaration is signed in the register office
  • The conversion will be registered and you will receive a certificate of conversion
  • You have a marriage ceremony as part of this process

Each marriage certificate costs £11.

If you registered your civil partnership after 29 March 2014 the fee for the conversion process is £45.

Two stage procedure - with ceremony

Stage 1

  • You will need to attend a register office in person for an appointment with the superintendent registrar to complete a declaration with details about yourselves and your civil partnership
  • You will need to provide evidence of name, date, address and your civil partnership certificate
  • Fee payable at this stage is £27 per couple

Stage 2

  • The signing of the declaration, which you can follow with a ceremony, can take place at the same range of venues as a marriage of same sex couples (for example at Hereford Register Office, approved premises or religious building registered for the marriage of same sex couples)
  • We will post the marriage certificate to you on the next working day after the ceremony

Ceremony fees

Day of the week Registration office ceremony Approved venue ceremony
Weekday £150 £200
Saturday £175 £250
Sunday or bank holiday   £275

You will need to pay a non-refundable deposit of £50 at the time of booking your ceremony.

This won't be a legal ceremony but a celebration of your marriage and we can include vows, exchange of rings and enhancements such as music or readings.