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Residents' parking permits

These permits help us to manage parking in particular areas for residents and their visitors in order to give them a better chance of parking close to where they live or are visiting.

We have introduced a new residents parking policy (2013) for all new schemes introduced after 1 October 2013. All existing schemes will remain under the 'old' policy that was introduced in 1999.

If you are a resident and would like the zone that you live in to transfer over to the terms and conditions of the new 2013 policy, you can take your proposal forward to your local councillor for consideration. Any change will require a change to the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) as the number of permits allowed is detailed within the TRO. This is not a short process and would involve a consultation.

The price of all permits increased from 1 October 2013 (see individual application forms for details). This is the first increase in the price of the permits since 1999.

What is a resident parking scheme?

A resident parking scheme is a method of restricting parking in an area or street by means of a legal Traffic Regulation Order (parking restrictions).

The purpose of such a scheme is to control parking in an area to give residents and their visitors more opportunity to park close to where they live by provision of resident permits. An example of this is a residential area close to the centre of town or close to colleges.

How do I apply for a residents' parking permit?

To apply for a permit, you will need to fill in the relevant application form (all PDF documents):

You can also get forms by telephoning 01432 260400 or visiting a customer service centre.

You will need to provide the required payment, proof of vehicle ownership (V5 document) AND proof of residency (council tax/utility bill).

For a visitor's parking permit, you only need to provide proof of residency.

We will accept copies as long as the details are clearly legible. Original documents will be returned to you along with your permit.

Please post the form, documents and payment to: The Parking Team, Herefordshire Council, PO Box 224, Hereford, HR1 2XW. You can also hand them to us at any customer service centre.

We aim to process all permits within two working days of the parking team receiving an application with the correct payment and documents.

You cannot park in a regulated area while waiting to receive or renew a permit.

Any vehicle that is parked without a valid permit will be liable to receive a penalty charge notice.

Renewing a permit

If you already have a permit, we will send a reminder and renewal form before the expiry date and in good time, so you have enough time to apply and receive a new permit before the expiry date.

How many residents' parking permits may I have?

For existing schemes introduced under the 1999 residents parking policy the maximum number of permits per household is two: one for a specific vehicle and a visitor's permit that can be used with any vehicle.

For schemes introduced under the 2013 residents parking policy the number of permits for each zone may vary and will be limited to a maximum of five permits per household: up to four for specific vehicles and a visitor's permit. The number of permits allowed per household will be detailed in the Traffic Regulation Order for each resident parking zone.  

What if my permit is lost or stolen?

If your permit is lost or stolen, you can apply for a replacement using the same form as a regular application. You must provide all relevant information explaining why you no longer have the permit. We consider all applications for replacement, but lost or stolen visitor's permits are not usually replaced. The charge for a replacement permit is the same as a renewal/new permit but it will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

What happens to my permit if I change my vehicle?

If you change your vehicle, you need to complete a new application form. Put "change of vehicle" as the reason for application and send the form to us with proof of vehicle ownership and a payment of £10. You must return the old permit with your application form otherwise a replacement cannot be issued.

How do I initialise a residents' parking scheme?

If a resident believes that the area in which they live would benefit from a resident parking scheme they should seek the support of the other local residents as although one person may want such a scheme others may not.

The resident(s) should then take their proposal forward to their local councillor. If the councillor supports the proposal they can take it forward to the Traffic team who will undertake the Traffic Regulation Order process in line with agreed procedures.

You can find your local councillor using our election information lookup.

This is not a short process and there is no guarantee that such a proposal will be successful. Any such scheme is only introduced following an investigation and consultation with interested parties.

Which streets have residents' parking permits?

The streets to which permits apply are:

Bromyard, Church Street - £20 a year

Church Street 

Colwall Zone CA - £30 a year

West Malvern Road - Brockhill Lodge, Homely Lodge, Garden Flat Westleigh, Flat 1 Westleigh, Flat 2 Westleigh, Flat 1 Arleydale, Flat 2 Arleydale

Hereford Zone 1, Portfields - £30 a year

Andrews Close
Central Avenue
Daws Road
Kyrle Street
Lloyd Street
St Guthlac Street
Stonebow Road
Symonds Street
Templars Lane
Turner Street
Vaughan Street

Hereford Zone 3, Bartonsham - £30 a year

Ledbury Road (1a-33 & 2-50)
St Owen Street (74-130 & 85-157)
Bartonsham Road
Clive Street
Crozens Lane
De Lacy Court
Eign Road
Green Street
Grenfell Road
Grove Road
Hampton Street
Harold Street
Mill Street
Nelson Street
Portfield Street
St Giles Hospital
St James Road
St James Terrace
St Owens Gate
St Owens Place
Springfield Place
Vicarage Road

Hereford Zone 4, Barrs Court - £30 a year

Aylestone Hill (1 to 17 odds)
Barrs Court Road (20 to 53A consecutive only)
Bryngwyn Court
Geldof Grove (5 to 8 consecutive only)
Hopton Road
Link Road
Penn Grove Road (1 to 33 odds & 2 to 54 evens)
Richard Weaver Court
Robins Terrace

Hereford Zone 5, Meadowbank - £30 a year

Bullrush Close
Highgrove Bank (1-6, 35 & 40)
Ledbury Road (99-144)
Lichfield Avenue (1a - 2a)
Meadowbank Road

Hereford, Zone 6, Broadlands Lane - £30 a year

Broadlands Lane

Hereford Zone 7, Venn's Lane Area - £30 a year

Ainslee Close
Beechwood Court
Burwood Close
Churchill Close
Helensdale Close
Loder Drive
Lugg View Close
Newstead Close
Overbury Court
Russell Close
St Barnabas Close
Venn's Court
Venn's Lane

Hereford Zone 8, Wye Street / St Martins Area - £30 a year

Wye Street
Old Ford House (1 to 5)
Riverside Court (1 to 10)
Wye View Villas (1 to 4)
Wye Street (8 & 14)
St Martins Street
St Martins Street (Even numbers 2 to 10 & 16 to 40)
St Martins Street (Odd numbers 1 to 5, 9 to 41, 45 to 51, 71 to 75, 79 to 81, 83 to 85 The Treacle Mine)
King Georges Terrace (1 to 4)
Taylors Court (Flats 1 to 15)
Tower House
Drybridge House (Flats 1 to 38)
St Martins Avenue
St Martins House (Flats1 to 4)
St Martins Avenue (4, 8 to12, 12a, 14, 15 & 16 - flats 1 & 2)

Hereford Zone 9, Pilley Road Area - £30 a year

Pilley Road
Carless Close
Folly Lane (Evens 2 to 36; Odds 1 to 31)
Clifton Road

Hereford Zone 10, Carter Grove - £30 a year

Carter Grove

Hereford Zone 11, Station Road Area - £30 a year

Station Road and 28 Barton Road

Hereford Zone 12, Old Mill Close - £30 to £100 a year depending on number of permits held

Old Mill Close

Hereford Zone A, East Street Area - £30 a year

East Street - between St Ethelbert Street and Offa Street (inclusive of nos. 23 to 89 East Street and 1 to 5 Pulling Mews)
Barroll Street

Hereford Zone B, Ryelands Street Area - £30 a year

Ryelands Street - between Chandos Street and Whitecross Road (inclusive of nos. 1 to 21, Marivale, Winston, Dinham, Ryecroft, Wallsend and The Laurels

Hereford Zone C, Shinwell Road Area - £30 a year

Shinwell Road - nos. 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, 35, 37, 39, 41, 43, 45, 47, 49, 51, 53, 55

Hereford Zone D, Moreland Avenue Area - £30 a year

Moreland Avenue - nos. 1-39, 41, 43, 45, 47, 49, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 58
Audley Crescent - nos. 1-36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46
Courtnay Rise - nos. 1-22

Hereford, Castle Street- £30 a year

Cantilupe Street
Castle Street
St Ethelbert Street

Ross-on-Wye Zone RA - £30 a year

Wilton Road
Wye Street
Royal Parade

Ross-on-Wye Zone RB - £30 a year

Church Street
Old Gloucester Road
Old Maids Walk
Alton Street (numbers 1 to 3)
Copse Cross Street
Church Close

Ross-on-Wye Zone RC - £30 a year

New Street
Kyrle Street
Edde Cross Street

Ross-on-Wye Zone RD - £30 a year

Hill Street
Cantilupe Road
Station Street
Crofts Lane
Gloucester Road (east of Chase Road)
Henry Street
Goodrich Court
Smallbrook Gardens
Crofts Court

What is the criteria for justifying a residents' parking scheme?

The main criteria for justifying a residents parking scheme is that there is insufficient space in which the residents of the scheme being considered can park as a result of existing restrictions and/or the presence of vehicles as a result of visitor or commuter parking. This is indicated by the satisfaction of the following criteria:

  • A majority of residents report difficulty in finding a parking space
  • The kerb space in the area under consideration is regularly occupied by extraneous vehicles.
  • Less than fifty percent of the residents have a facility to park off the road. This may be relaxed slightly in a conservation area.
  • The majority of property which fronts the roads concerned is residential.

Full consultation with residents will be undertaken, and where there is a traffic management need, we will work with the residents, although priority may have to be given to the traffic management need.

Schemes will be implemented by means of appropriate Traffic Regulation Orders.

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