If someone is parked across your driveway

If someone has parked across your driveway where the kerb has been lowered to meet the road we may be able to provide enforcement.

  • If the vehicle has been parked and blocks your dropped kerb access, so the driveway cannot be safely used for its intended purpose. The vehicle must be blocking the driveway and parked adjacent to the lowered kerb, not just parked inconsiderately


  • The occupier of the property has not given permission for the vehicle to park there


  • The vehicle is not parked within a marked parking space

You can contact the parking team on 01432 260974 and, if a civil enforcement officer is available and nearby, we will contact them to attend (this may not be possible in all circumstances).

Please note that before any enforcement action can take place, the occupier of the property will need to sign the officer's pocket book to confirm that permission has not been granted for the vehicle to obstruct the driveway.

For other dropped kerbs, such as pedestrian crossing points, civil enforcement officers will enforce these as part of their normal patrol routes. You do not need to contact the parking team to report these incidents.