Transport - on the school run

We're working to cut the number of car journeys to school and improve safety. We want to cut congestion and pollution, as well as allowing more pupils to get regular exercise by walking or cycling to school.

School travel plans

Almost every school in the county has a travel plan which commits them to reducing the number of cars coming to their site.

Schools are encouraged to review their travel plans regularly. Use our School Travel Plan Toolkit, which includes a travel plan template, to help you make sure your school has an effective plan in place.


Guide to energy saving and carbon reduction

We have produced a guide for schools on energy saving and carbon reduction and emailed it to all schools. This guide shows how simple, no-cost actions can reduce energy use by up to 10%, delivering reductions in costs and emissions.

Please note this guide was first published in 2020 so some of the example energy costs will now be out of date.

To help monitor energy usage, West Mercia Energy can supply historic energy data and other suppliers may also be able to provide data.

Litter and waste


Removing and reducing litter helps to improve school environments.

To support schools we have put together a Stop the Drop litter school resource pack to download. Over 30 schools have signed litter pledges, creating projects and starting movements within their schools to reduce littering.

To borrow litter picking equipment packs, please telephone Balfour Beatty Living Places (BBLP) on 01432 261800.


All recyclables collected by Herefordshire Council are taken to the Envirosort recycling facility near Worcester.

Schools can visit Envirosort or a schools education officer can visit your school. Contact Severn Waste Services for information.

Envirosort has an animation illustrating the process and where the recyclables are sent for reuse.


Eco-Schools is a successful way to engage children in environmental issues. Using a simple seven-step framework children can improve their environmental awareness, and identify, plan and deliver positive change. Eco-Schools develops skills and can improve the school environment and deliver financial savings for the school. Schools can choose to work towards the Eco-Schools Green Flag award, either at bronze, silver or gold level. For more information please see the Eco-Schools website.