Library resources for preschools

Making the most of your local library

We welcome preschool groups to our libraries to select their own books and experience our library spaces. To make sure that you get the most out of your visit please contact your local library to make arrangements.

Our special free memberships for childminders, nursery/preschool leaders and foster carers aims to make borrowing easier. We have an extensive catalogue of titles to choose from and a simple reservation system providing collection from a library of your choice. Selecting books to meet the interests and needs of your families has never been easier. There are no fines or charges on any of these memberships.

Please contact your local library to find out more.

My First Library CardSquirrel and hedgehog holding My First Library Card banner

My First Library Card is a promotion designed to introduce as many young children as possible in Herefordshire to the delights and advantages of belonging to a library.

We want to welcome as many families as possible to our libraries to start their reading journey. To do this we are trying something a little bit special and are distributing My First Library Cards in partnership with preschool settings and early years practitioners. Designed especially for our younger readers by local artist Iain Welch, My First Library Card introduces children to our new library reading mascots - Squirrel and Hedgehog.

Each card has a code that a parent or carer can activate online or in their local library enabling families to start borrowing straight away.

Order My First Library Card packs and information for your preschool setting

If you are a preschool manager or supervisor or a childminder and would like to order packs of My First Library Card to distribute at your preschool setting, please use the online order form. You can also order information about the card in nine languages, to give out with the cards.

Order My First Library Card packs for your preschool

Information about My First Library Card is also available to order in nine languages to give out with the cards:

We want families to visit their local library to take part in The Squirrel Club and start collecting stickers for every visit they make.

BookstartBookstart logo showing big and little bear reading together

Bookstart is a national book gifting programme which encourages parents to share books with their children from an early age and helps promote the benefits of libraries to families.

Bookstart resources to support early literacy development are available to preschool groups and family support workers to distribute to the children they work with.

Every child in England and Wales is entitled to a free Bookstart pack before they are 12 months old and again aged 3-4 years (27 months in Wales). Bookstart also gifts additional packs to support families with additional needs.

In Herefordshire the Bookstart programme is coordinated by the library service which works in partnership with health professionals, preschools and children's services to deliver these free book packs to as many families as possible.

Order Bookstart packs

If you are Health Visitor, preschool group or family support worker please view the different packs available below, and who is eligible to order and receive them and then use the online order form below to request Bookstart resources.

Order Bookstart resources for preschool groups

Bookstart Baby pack - health visitors

In Herefordshire a health visitor should gift this purple bag in baby's first year. This Bookstart pack is to help parents share stories, rhymes and songs with their baby. Health visitors can request Bookstart packs direct from the Bookstart coordinator at Find out more about the Bookstart Baby pack at Bookstart.

Bookstart Treasure pack - preschool or early years setting

In Herefordshire, a preschooler will receive their special gift envelope when they are 3-4 years old, from their preschool or other early years setting. Inside is a picture book to share, plus a friendly booklet with tips and ideas for reading together.

Find out more about Bookstart Treasure packs and how to make the most of them with your preschoolers on the Bookstart Treasure pack page.

To order Bookstart Treasure packs for your preschool please use the online Bookstart resources order form above.

Dual language books - health visiting teams or early years practitioners

Mother and child sharing a dual language reading book

If English is not a first language, you may be able to get a book in another language as part of your Bookstart order. See Bookstart's dual language page for more information about who is eligible and for support with introducing the books.

Dual language books can be requested by Health Visiting teams or Early Years practitioners.

Additional needs packs (limited availability) - gifted by health visiting teams, preschool groups, family support workersContents of Bookstart Additional Needs Pack, books and rhyme sheet

  • Bookshine for children who are deaf
  • Booktouch for children who are blind or partially sighted
  • Bookstart Star for children with conditions affecting their fine motor skills

Please note that books contained within the packs may differ from those pictured.

Visit Bookstart additional needs pack for information about the packs available and what they include.

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