Schools Capital Investment strategy

We are proud of the work that our schools in Herefordshire do. We have many different types of schools, increasingly working in collaboration with each other. We are also proud of the support that our schools get from their communities and we want to see that collaboration grow between schools and between schools, communities and businesses.

Local councils have a duty to ensure there are enough school places for the children in their area and there are challenges ahead. Although funding for the day-to-day running costs of schools has been protected, increasing bills and changing numbers of children mean that our schools need to find ways to reduce their costs. At the same time they need to continue to improve the quality of the work that they do, so they need to be set up to run in the most cost effective way. The Schools Capital Investment Strategy is a key strand of our overall strategic plan for education which in turn complements the children and young people's plan. 

Herefordshire schools are worth investing in and we are looking to secure in the region of £100m investment over the next 20 years, with a collaborative approach to change and to funding.

The Schools Capital Investment Strategy establishes the principles we will use to guide school developments and also the priority areas of focus and potential developments for the first five years of our 20 year plan. It sets out how we plan to:

  • Provide enough school places where parents want them
  • Ensure those places are of the highest quality and,
  • Ensure we can attract capital monies, plan any council investment and ensure any expenditure represents best value

Individual schools have created supporting documents to help inform the strategy and you can view these in our school documents search.

We visited schools to present information on the strategy and you can view or download our school presentations.