Our strategic plan for education

We have the highest aspirations for all of our children and young people and will continually focus on building on their strengths and capacity, enhancing their opportunities and support so that they make the most of their educational experiences. Our Children and Young People's Plan aims to make sure that children and young people in the county are given the best possible start in start in life so that they grow up healthy, happy and safe within supportive family environments. We have a critical role in strategic developments, championing outcomes for children and young people, and ensuring high quality education is available and delivered in Herefordshire.

The Herefordshire School Improvement Partnership (HSIP) is responsible for key issues across schools in Herefordshire and to promote school-to-school support and learning, where necessary to provide challenge so that pupil outcomes improve. This work forms part of the HSIP framework. View the HSIP delivery model.

Another key strand of this plan is the Schools Capital Investment Strategy which in turn complements the children and young people's plan.

Through the education strategy we aim:

  • For all children and young people to achieve and attain the best they can and for outcomes to be in the top quartile
  • For all education provision to be judged good or outstanding
  • For all education provision to be highly valued by children and young people, parents and carers, the community and employers.

The strategy focuses on 0 to 19 year olds, or 0 to 25 for those with learning difficulties or disabilities. We make strong links with the adult and community learning agenda and the economic developments that are taking place in Herefordshire.

As part of the education strategy, the council also has an important role in developing and enabling partnerships, including constructive working relationships with the Archdiocese of Cardiff and the Diocese of Hereford, as well as governing bodies and other organisations that are accountable for the running of settings and schools.