Prevent in schools

Protecting children from radicalisation is now one of the safeguarding duties of any school, college or childcare provider, just as much as drugs, gangs, neglect and sexual exploitation.

That's why we are working closely with those who teach and care for children in the county to implement Prevent. This is part of the government's counter-terrorism strategy that aims to divert the most vulnerable from becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.

The Department for Education's guidance on Prevent for schools, colleges and childminders can tell you more.

Are you meeting your Prevent duty?

Our self-assessment template can help you as a school, college or provider of childcare, assess how well you are meeting your obligations under the Prevent programme.

Get training and advice

Training and support is available to help teaching staff engage with pupils on topical issues, such as British values. There are many trainers, for example, who can to deliver Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent (WRAP). An e-learning training module specifically designed for those in the education sector is also available from the Home Office.

Concerned about someone?

If you have concerns about an individual becoming radicalised, use your organisation's own safeguarding and duty of care procedures in the first instance to raise your concerns. They may then be referred to the Channel panel.