Make Spike a mask

A spike mask before and after decorating

We would like you to meet Spike, our friendly messy hedgehog.

Spike is meeting his friends, can you help him get ready?

All you need is:

Get Spike ready:

  1. Cut out Spike the hedgehog.
  2. Forage like a hedgehog inside or outside to find flowers, leaves, sticks, feathers, or anything else you can think off that will make Spike look good.
  3. Stick your Spike mask to a stick or tie it with a ribbon.
  4. Wear your Spike mask! Now Spike is ready to meet his friends!

Spike Mask to decorate


Fun Hedgehog facts

Did you know that hedgehogs are masters at disguise? Their colours allow them to camouflage into forest backgrounds making it hard for predators to spot them.

They also love it when things are messy!

The more wild and overgrown the better. Compost heaps, leaf litter, piles of logs and dead vegetation are the perfect hiding spots for a hedgehog home. It is also great habitat for invertebrates they like to feast on!

Cartoon hedgehogs with flowers in their spikes