Support for Ukrainian guests

To find out more about some of the practicalities of coming to live in the UK, the government has provided the following detailed guidance, Homes for Ukraine: Guidance for guests.

Local support

Herefordshire's Community Network for Ukraine is working in partnership with the council to support Ukrainians arriving in Herefordshire. The network co-ordinates the activities and services being provided by local voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations which are responding to the needs of people from Ukraine. This work is being supported through grant funding from the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

There is additional information on more support being provided at a national level on the Talk Community Support for Ukraine page.

Hereford Help for Ukraine also provide a welcome leaflet for new guests which is useful as it is regularly updated.

English lessons

Herefordshire Council has commissioned the South Wye Development Trust to provide dedicated English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) lessons for people arriving in Herefordshire from the Ukraine. There is no charge of the lessons.

View the timetable for details of the current ESOL classes.

There are a number of options for learning and practising English, both face to face and online provided locally. For more details, contact Herefordshire's Community Network for Ukraine.

Translation and Interpretation Services

The Herefordshire Language Network provides face-to-face, video and telephone interpreting as well as text translation, all by trained providers. The network offers work to local interpreters and translators whenever possible.