Paying for care and support at home

We follow government guidelines to work out how much individuals should be charged for the care and support we provide.

For more information about how we charge for care and support please read our charging for care and support booklet.

We will charge you what it costs the council to provide the service, unless your financial assessment shows that you can't afford to pay the full cost.

For more information about our current charges please read our service charges leaflet.

Which services are free?

We do not charge for:

  • Your assessment of needs - often called a care assessment or carer's assessment, preparing a care and support plan, and financial assessment
  • Helping you to access information and advice, including independent financial advice about paying for care and support
  • Community equipment or aids and minor adaptations to daily living recommended by an occupational therapist, such as bath aids or grab rails. A minor adaption is one costing £1,000 or less
  • Delivery, loan and installation of Telecare equipment
  • Intermediate care (rehabilitation or reablement services) up to a maximum of six weeks
  • Carers services, where the service is provided directly to the carer

Which services have charges?

  • Day services, like attending a day centre or activities arranged during the day
  • Home care
  • Extra care
  • Supported accommodation, including shared lives
  • Transport
  • Direct payments for those buying their own care

If you are asked to pay for these services, we will do a financial assessment with you. This looks at your income, benefits, savings and expenditure and works out how much you should pay.

Preparing for a financial assessment

To find out more about what is involved if you are going to have care and support at home, read our leaflet Understanding and preparing for your financial assessment .