Our responsibility

Corporate parenting means the collective responsibility of the council, elected members, employees, and partner agencies to give care experienced children, young people and adults (care leavers) the best start in life.

A child in the care of the council should expect the whole council to be the best parent it can be. Every member and employee of the council has the statutory responsibility to act for a looked after child in the same way that a good parent would act for their own child.

Every good parent wants the best for their child:

  • To see their child flourish
  • To enjoy good health
  • To be safe and happy
  • To do well at school
  • To enjoy good relationships with their peers
  • To make the most of leisure opportunities, hobbies and interests
  • To grow towards adulthood equipped to lead independent lives and to make their way as happy, healthy, successful and financially secure adults

The role of corporate parent extends beyond children's social care. It is the responsibility of each elected councillor, every member of staff and wider partner agencies to enable children in the council's care to lead happy and fulfilled lives.

Being a good corporate parent means we should:

  • Accept responsibility for children in the council's care
  • Make their needs a priority
  • Seek for them the same outcomes any good parent would want for their own children