Children and employment

Only children who are 13 or older and still of compulsory school age are entitled to work part-time. Children under 13 may not have jobs. For children who choose to work part-time, their job is allowed as long as it:

  • Does not cause their education to suffer
  • Does not put them at risk of harm or injury

Any child wanting to have a part-time job must hold a valid licence in order to do so. It is the employer's responsibility to apply for a licence, and will need a medical declaration from the parent or carer.

If a child is working without a licence, their employer is breaking the law and will not be insured against any damage or injuries caused or incurred by the child. They also risk legal action being taken against them.


You can find more information on the government's child employment pages.

Apply for a child employment licence

Children's licensing and enforcement team

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