Chaperoning children who work in entertainment

Any child who holds a performance licence must be accompanied at all times by a licensed chaperone.

A chaperone is a responsible adult who holds a licence to look after children who work in entertainment. This may include theatrical productions, film, television and modelling work. A chaperone is responsible for a child's safety, comfort and well-being at all times while they are rehearsing and performing. It is their role to liaise with the production company where there are any concerns about the child's working conditions. A child's parent can act as a chaperone only to their own child without holding a chaperone licence.

It is the chaperone's responsibility, together with the licence holder, to ensure that the regulations (and any additional requirements issued by the council) are upheld at all times. You may find yourself under pressure, by the production company from time to time, to relax the regulations due to re-scheduling but you must remember that your first duty is to the care of the child. A good knowledge of the regulations, knowing where to go for additional advice together with firm negotiating skills, are crucial elements to good chaperoning.

Records, by law, should be made available by producers to a visiting officer of the council. Chaperones are often designated to keep these in respect of the child, and will include:

  • Times child is at the place of performance
  • Times child performs and/or rehearses
  • Times child has breaks and meals
  • Times child is waiting between performances, i.e. re-scheduling

Apply for a chaperone licence

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