National offer day for reception class places

All pupils resident in Herefordshire will be notified of their school offer on 16 April 2024.

  • If you applied by paper application you will receive a letter by post.
  • If you applied online you will be notified by email.

If your email address has changed since you made your application, please email for the attention of Emma Turner/Lisa Hince with your child’s name and date of birth.  We will then send the offer of school letter direct to your new email address.

Download your offer letter by clicking on the link in the notification email.

You will need to enter your email address and your child's surname and date of birth. These details need to be the same as those you entered when you created your account and made the application.

Your letter will state the school that has been offered and what you need to do next to:

  • Accept or decline the school offered
  • Request an alternative school(s)
  • Appeal against the refusal of a place at a requested school in Herefordshire

Accept a place

To accept a place for your child:

  • If the school is in Herefordshire, you do not need to take any further action, we will automatically assume you want to accept the place
  • If the school in is another Local Authority (LA) and you are accepting, you must contact that LA directly to accept.

The school that has offered a place will contact you in due course with details about school uniform, taster days and start dates.

Request an alternative school or schools

Parents can request a place at an alternative school/s to the one that has been offered. This could be because:

  • You weren't offered one of your preferred schools.
  • You may have changed your mind since offer day.
  • You are requesting a place at a school/s that you did not originally list on your application form.

Requests must be submitted by 28 April 2024 by email to for the attention of Emma Turner/Lisa Hince. 

State on the request email:

  • Your child’s name
  • Your child's date of birth
  • Your child’s address
  • Name of the school/s you are requesting as an alternative

You will be notified of the outcome of your request during the week of 13 May 2024.

Places will be offered in accordance with the schools over-subscription criteria. If there are more requests than places available and we cannot offer, your child will automatically be placed on a waiting list according to the school's over-subscription criteria.

Late applications are also taken into consideration at this point. Any request after this reallocation week will be looked at as and when it is received.

Requests received after the 28 April 2024 will be looked at after 20 May 2024

Waiting lists

If your child was not offered their highest or any of their preference schools they are automatically placed on the waiting list according to the over-subscription criteria of that school.

For information about school waiting lists including checking your child's current position and how waiting list places are ranked, please either email or contact Emma Turner/Lisa Hince on 01432 260926 or 01432 261574.

Please note your child can move up or down on the waiting list.

If a place becomes available for your child from the waiting list we will automatically inform you by email.

How to appeal

If your child was not offered their highest or any of their preference schools you can appeal against this decision. Your appeal will be decided by a panel which is independent of both the school and the council and the decision is binding on all parties.

The deadline for lodging appeals for a reception class place is 15 May 2024.

Appeal refusal of a school place