Map of Herefordshire roadworks and traffic flow

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View live events

The map shows a range of information including roadworks, live traffic flow and public transport details which includes live bus times.

Click the layers icon at the top left of the map to select the information you would like to see, such as roadworks, public transport and public events. Make sure the 'Live incidents' option is ticked to show all current traffic incidents.

You may need to zoom into the map to view the full live detail.

Planned works and road closures

Click on the arrow next to 'Today' on the calendar tab in the top right corner of the map.

Select the time period for which you'd like to see planned events. The map will populate with the planned works you have selected to see.

Get alerts about traffic flow and roadworks in your area

To sign up for email updates select the 'Email alerts' tab (envelope icon), complete the form, select your area using the draw tool and select 'Set alert'. Please check your inbox as your alert may be sent to your junk mail inbox.