Waste disposal responsibilities

Private land

Private land owners have the responsibility for removing waste from their own land, but we can provide advice on how best to do this. Remember that if you allow fly tipping on your property, we can take action against you.

Householders' duty of care

Householders have a duty to ensure their waste goes to an authorised person or to a licensed carrier.

If someone else removes the waste for you they should have a Waste Carrier's Registration Certificate which they are happy to show you. It is your responsibility to check that the carrier has this documentation. If they do not have this documentation and the waste is subsequently dumped, you may also be liable for prosecution.

Be particularly careful with cold callers at your door who offer to remove any waste for cash. 

Check a waste carrier's registration certificate

Confirm a trader has the necessary credentials by calling the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506 and requesting an instant Waste Carrier Validation Check or

Search for a registered Waste Carrier on the Environment Agency website