Report fly tippers

If you spot someone fly tipping:

  • Make a note of any vehicle used, including model, colour and registration number. If it is safe to do so without being seen, take a photograph or video of the activity
  • Note the fly tippers' clothes, and distinguishing features. If you can hear the fly tippers, take note of anything which was said along with the speakers' accents
  • Make a note of what they dumped, the location, weather conditions and how far away you were at the time

Please send us this information by using the:

Report fly tipping form or the ReportingApp

The maximum penalty for fly tipping is a £50,000 fine and/or 5 years imprisonment.

Never touch any waste which has been dumped. It may be hazardous and contain harmful substances, chemicals, glass or needles. Our officers are specially trained and equipped to deal with this waste. There may also be clues which could help identify the perpetrator, so please treat the waste as a crime scene. We may ask you to provide a witness statement and supply any photographs or notes you have in your possession.

A range of other sanctions are also available against fly tippers. These include warnings, formal cautions, prosecution, vehicle seizures and injunctions. Offenders may also have to pay investigation, clean up and vehicle recovery costs, along with legal fees. If you carry waste without a Waste Carrier's Registration Certificate, you may be arrested and have your vehicle seized.

The National Fly Tipping Prevention Group (NFTPG) is a group of organisations across the country working together to tackle fly tipping. To receive further information on fly tipping and gain an insight into their work and members, visit the NFTPG website.