Minerals planning policies

Local authorities must ensure an adequate and regular supply of minerals to meet national estimates of need.

Herefordshire contributes around 250,000 tonnes of sand and gravel and 500,000 tonnes of crushed rock per year. We must maintain a 'land bank' of planning permissions to provide at least seven years' supply of sand and gravel and a longer period for crushed rock. Council policy sets out the criteria by which we assess and monitor proposals to ensure we can meet local needs without unacceptable environmental damage and to secure the future use of sites.

At present mineral and waste planning policies are set out in the Unitary Development Plan (UDP) which was adopted in 2007. We are now preparing a Minerals and Waste Local Plan to cover the period up to 2031. This will replace the saved minerals and waste policies contained in the Unitary Development Plan and will, when approved, set out detailed site allocations for minerals and waste.