Challenge a parking fine

If you feel that a parking penalty charge notice (PCN) should not have been issued or there are mitigating circumstances, then you can challenge it.

Please note, if you have more than one penalty charge notice you must ensure that each penalty charge notice is challenged separately - do not use one challenge for multiple penalty charge notices.

A challenge can only be made in writing. You can submit a challenge online:

Challenge a parking penalty charge notice (PCN)

Make sure your challenge letter includes:

  • The penalty charge notice number and your vehicle registration. We need these details to connect your challenge to the notice
  • Your address so that we can reply to you
  • Any evidence you have to support your challenge. This must be legible

Please do not send in a payment with a challenge as this will indicate that you have accepted the contravention and your case will be closed.

While we do aim to reply to all challenges within 15 working days this can be delayed at times of high volume and demand. Please do not re-challenge a PCN once you have challenged as this will push your response further down the challenge list and cause further delays.

Once we receive a challenge to a notice, we'll put that notice on hold until we have responded.

If a challenge is received within 14 days of the date the Penalty Charge Notice was issued and is unsuccessful, a further 14 days will be given for you to pay at the discounted amount.

Read our parking fine appeals and representations protocols