How to use electric vehicle charge points

Charge points in council car parks are either:

  • 7kW WENEA chargers  - you will need a 'Type 2 connector' for your vehicle.
    Pay using the WENEA app or use a contactless payment card
  • 50kW SWARCO chargers - use the charger's tethered connector.
    Pay using the SWARCO Econnect app, or pay with a SWARCO card, or contactless payment card.

Follow the links above to find out more about the apps and to download, or find and download them from the app store on your phone.

These charging points are part of the national network. You can check availability on live maps including the WENEA live map and the SWARCO Econnect live map.

Step-by-step guide

For charging using your own cable, connect the cable to your car first.   

  • Connect your car to the charge point.
  • Using an app, find the charge point on the relevant app map and select to start charging.
  • Using contactless payment, tap the payment card on the Payter contactless pad (not the main screen on the unit) and start charging.
  • The cable will be locked into place during your charge.
  • To end charging, select Finish charging on the relevant app or tap the same contactless payment card on the Payter contactless pad (not the main screen on the unit).
  • Cables provided by the user will be released from the unit once the charging session has ended and should be unplugged from the charge point before you unplug from your vehicle. 
  • Tethered cables should be returned to the charge point holder.

Damaged or faulty charge points

If a charging point shows a fault, looks damaged or if you experience any problems when using it, please ring the relevant 24/7 helpline number:

  • WENEA 7kW chargers - call 0208 124 9900
  • SWARCO 50kW chargers - call 0208 515 8444 

The council does not carry out any repairs or maintenance on these charge points.