Parish councils are run by councillors, who volunteer their time to make their community a better place. Their work falls into three main categories:

  • Representing the local community
  • Delivering services to meet local needs
  • Striving to improve the quality of life in the parish

Herefordshire has 137 democratically elected parish councils. There are five town councils and one city council. These are also parish councils and each has a mayor.

Each parish council will have different needs, which are often identified through the parish plan process. Parish councillors have an important role in working with their communities to develop a parish plan.

All parish councillors have to complete a declaration of interest form which can be viewed on the parish councillor pages.

Every parish council in Herefordshire has a Parish Clerk and this is the best person to contact regarding individual Parish Council matters.

Our Talk Community team provides information and advice to the public and to parish councils and liaises between local councils and Herefordshire Council. We also provide advice and support to communities working to develop or retain rural services.

Through an extensive range of discretionary powers, parish councils provide and maintain a variety of important and visible local services.

Parish clerks contact details

Every parish council in Herefordshire has a parish clerk and this is the best person to contact regarding individual parish council matters.

Find parish clerks contact details in the parish councils directory

Talk Community contact details

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