Herefordshire Council will be investing £3.66 million this financial year in a surface dressing programme across the county’s C and unclassified road network.

This follows on from a pre-surface dressing patching programme of works that was completed in 2023/24. The initial phase saw 133,000 square metres of Herefordshire’s C and U road network improved, which is equivalent to 15 times the total area of Hereford FC’s Edgar Street pitch and this new phase will allow further extensive improvements across the network.

Surface dressing is an important part of our road maintenance programme and is used to prolong the life of roads across the county.

The process involves applying a layer of bitumen binder to the existing road surface followed by a layer of stone chippings. The chippings are then rolled into the binder to create a durable and skid-resistant surface. This process helps to seal the road surface, preventing water from penetrating and causing damage to the underlying layers. This also helps to prevent potholes from forming.

It is a quick process and usually only takes a few hours to complete, meaning we can sometimes treat several roads in one day. A sweeper will travel along the newly treated roads the following day to clear any immediate loose stones.

Cllr Barry Durkin, Cabinet Member Roads and Regulatory Services, said: “Feedback we receive shows that the condition of our roads is a huge priority for local residents and organisations. We are therefore very pleased to announce this additional investment of £3.66 million into surface dressing, which builds upon the success of the pre-surface dressing works we carried out in 2023/24.

“Surface dressing is a preventative maintenance treatment that is best used before road conditions deteriorate significantly, and typically helps to prolong the life of the road for 10-15 years. The programme will be complemented by an £8million additional investment into resurfacing over the next two years, as part of our commitment to improving our highways network.”

More information about the surface dressing process, along with a list of proposed roads to be treated, can be found on our website.

Published: 9th July 2024