Main modifications consultation

The main modifications aim to address issues that were raised at the Examination Hearing Sessions that took place on Tuesday 22 May 2018 and 18 March 2019. These main modifications were proposed in order to make the Traveller Sites Development Plan Document (DPD) 'sound' and were published for a six week public consultation period between Wednesday 1 May and Wednesday 12 June 2019. View the main modifications.

Comments were invited in relation to the proposed main modifications set out in the schedule and not to other parts of the Traveller Sites DPD. View the representations.

Additional modifications were also published for information only. These are minor amendments that are generally updated information and corrections that do not significantly change the content of the plan. View the additional modifications.

Please note that in relation to the current planning application (P183661/F) at Oakfield, Nashend Lane, Bosbury, the council has received amended plans which remove the transit pitches and replace with residential pitches.