Self-build and custom housebuilding register

The Herefordshire county self-build and custom build register was established in April 2016. We keep a register of people interested in self-build and custom housebuilding in the county. This is in line with the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015.

The Self-build and Custom Housebuilding (Register) Regulations 2016 sets out how we are required to fulfil the duty of the Act.

If you are seriously interested in self-build or custom housebuilding in Herefordshire you can 

Add your details to our local self-build register

You can register your details as:

  • An individual or 
  • An association if you are interested in a group build where all members of the group meet the eligibility criteria. Each association must appoint a lead contact for correspondence and state on the register the total number of plots required.

Eligibility to register

The register is for people who are looking to build a home to live in as their main residence that is not a holiday home. It is not for people looking to build a home for sale.

To be eligible you must be:

  • Aged 18 or over
  • Must be a British citizen, a national of an EEA state or Switzerland
  • Looking for a serviced plot of land (either alone or with others) in Herefordshire for your own self-build or custom housing building project

Why register?

Adding your details to the register helps us understand the level of demand for this type of housebuilding in the county. It will help us to write new policies on self-build as we update the Local Plan and  also help to inform Neighbourhood Plans prepared by parish.

The legislation requires the council as local planning authority to grant enough planning permissions to meet this overall demand. However, we are not required to provide a site for people on the register.

After you register

  • You should receive a confirmation email that you have successfully registered your details on the Herefordshire self-build and custom housebuilding register.  
  • We will contact you by email when we have information about self-build and custom homebuilding opportunities.

We publish summary updates on the register from time to time, setting out how many people have been accepted on the Register in a given period, and how many serviced plots have been granted planning permission.

How we manage your data

Herefordshire Council will hold your personal data on the Self-build and custom housebuilding register. If at any time you want your details to be removed from the Register, please contact us. All personal data will be handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Personal details on the Register will not be made public and we will not share your data with any third party. Anonymised headline data will be published in such format as “X number of people are seeking a plot in Y location of the County”.

Self-build and custom housebuilding register privacy notice