The Herefordshire county self-build and custom build register was established in April 2016. It allows us to monitor the demand for self and custom build within Herefordshire.

Self-build is where you directly organise the design and construction of your new home.

Custom build is where you work with a specialist developer to help deliver your own home.

If you are seriously interested in self or custom build you can add your details to the Herefordshire Local Self-Build Register. You can either register your details as an individual or, if you are interested in a group build, you can register as an association. Each association must appoint a lead contact for the purposes of correspondence.  

To be eligible you must be:

  • Aged 18 or over
  • A British citizen, a national of a EEA State other than the United Kingdom, or a national of Switzerland
  • Looking for a serviced plot of land (either alone or with others) in Herefordshire for your own self-build or custom housing building project

Data from self-build and custom build register

At mid-December 2019, there are 591 entrants on the register who are interested in building their own properties.

  • The first base period - 174 individuals and 1 group (with 3 members) registered and were accepted onto the register
  • The second base period saw a further 144 people applying and accepted. This represented a reduction of 21.52 percent in the uptake
  • The third base period has seen 176 individuals registered and accepted. This represents an increase from the previous baseline
  • The fourth base period has seen 91 individuals registered and accepted
  • Fifth base period currently has 5 individuals registered and accepted (updated 15 December 2019)

View further analysis of the data from the register

Permissions granted for self-build and custom build

Local planning authorities are required to grant enough planning permissions.  For monitoring purposes, we count plots:

  • With planning permission that have self and custom build in their description, and
  • Single plots that meet the legal definition set out by the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015

Relevant authorities must give suitable development permission to enough suitable serviced plots of land to meet the demand for self-build and custom housebuilding in their area.  The level of demand is established by reference to the number of entries added to an authority’s register during a base period.

At the end of each base period, relevant authorities have three years in which to give permission for an equivalent number of plots of land, which are suitable for self-build and custom housebuilding, as there are entries for that base period.

Section 6 of our Authority Monitory Report provides information about how this demand has been met and general information about the number and preferences of the entries on the register.

Tell us about sites suitable for self or custom build housing

If you would like to suggest a site, please contact the planning policy team for information and advice.

Privacy notice for the self-build and custom build register

Planning policy team contact details

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