Lost or damaged items

We understand that normal wear happens, but if an item has been damaged or lost please contact us. A replacement charge may be added to your account. You can pay at your local library or online at your convenience.

There are no replacement charges for books borrowed by under-fives.

Replacement charges


Type of book Hardback Paperback
Adult fiction £12 £7
Adult non-fiction £14 £12
Children's fiction £8 £6
Children's non-fiction £9 £9
Under fives' fiction No charge* No charge*
Under fives' non-fiction No charge* No charge*
Large print books



*Board books and picture books that have been borrowed using an adult’s library account will be charged at hardback £7 and paperback £5.

Media items

Item Charge
Audiobooks No standard charge
DVDs (PG, 12, 15, 18) £17
Children's DVDs (U) £10

Inter-library loans

Items borrowed from other library authorities as an inter-library loan will be charged at the rate set by the lending library.

Replacement copies

We don’t accept replacement copies of items. This is because the item may not be the current edition or suitable for library stock. The replacement charge may be used to buy new and different titles.

Contact Herefordshire Libraries

The County Libraries Unit oversees all the Herefordshire libraries and can help with general enquiries about our libraries and distribution of books. Use the link below to find contact details and locations for individual libraries.

Telephone: 01432 261556

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