Apply for street naming and numbering

We have a statutory duty to ensure that new roads and streets within the county are properly named and that the properties fronting onto them are appropriately numbered.

When to apply

We advise you to apply at the earliest opportunity, ideally as soon as the final layout of the development is confirmed even if construction has not yet started or is still at an early stage.

You will need a confirmed postal address when obtaining service connections to the new properties, and also in the processing of property sales. Therefore, leaving it late may cause you difficulties.


Before applying for street naming and numbering please read the street naming and numbering policy. This provides guidance on the process, what you need to do and how to choose appropriate road or building names should you wish to do so.

You can complete the application form on-screen and email to us with the necessary drawings.

Apply for street naming and numbering

If this is not possible, please download and print the completed form and return with the required drawings to Herefordshire Council Building Control.